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Developer(s) Tahlreth
Latest version 1.5-4248
Active No
Platform(s) Android
Xbox One
Architecture(s) ARM
Emulates PlayStation 2
Support ($) Patreon
Programmed in Java[1]
License Proprietary (GUI)
LGPL (core code)
BIOS/Keys Required

AetherSX2 is a closed-source PlayStation 2 emulator for Android, Linux, macOS and Xbox One.


Android Play Store (sabotaged)
Android Backup (Dropbox)
Linux macOS Pre-alpha For ARM Desktops
Xbox One Xbox Series X/S Pre-Alpha Builds


AetherSX2 is essentially a closed-source Android port of PCSX2, adding an ARM JIT and Vulkan renderer. However, unlike the incredibly shady DamonPS2, it uses the current version of PCSX2, which is almost entirely licensed under the LGPL save for some minor GPL parts (namely the MPEG decoder which uses libmpeg2, and the code for the on-screen display which uses FreeType). To be fully compliant with the LGPL, Tahlreth was planning to rewrite the GPL code.[2]

  • Supported image formats: .iso, .chd, .cso, .bin, .gzip, .elf
  • System requirements: At least a Snapdragon 845 or equivalent. Mali and PowerVR GPUs are limited by the lack of dual-source blending in their Android drivers, and will perform worse than Adreno GPUs.[3]

Tahlreth suspended development and bowed out from the emulation scene altogether in January 2023, citing the unacceptable behaviour of multiple people towards himself. [4] In later revisions of Aethersx2 after version 13930-v1.5-3668, Tahlreth would add ads and software trackers to the app. A number of fans have either archived old APK versions, or in the case of one hacker, came up with a reverse-engineered build based on a very old LGPL source code release. There also exists a patch for the latest alpha release called NetherSX2 which also removes advertising and introduces quality-of-life improvements over the original emulator. Due to licensing concerns NetherSX2 only comes in an .sh script rather than as a full APK, similar to the ReVanced project for the YouTube client on Android.

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