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Developer(s) Geod (Tran Vu Truc)
Latest version 0.7.1
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Linux, macOS (Non VR only)
Emulates Nintendo Entertainment System
Website geodstudio.net
Programmed in C#
License Closed-source
Source code GitHub (old code for 3D conversion)

3dSen is a commercial Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Windows that converts supported NES games into full 3D and let you to play them in VR. Profiles to turn games into 3D are made by hand and new games are added regularly.


Windows 3dSen VR on Steam
$20 Payware, and free demo
Windows 3dSen PC on Steam
Not yet available

Windows 3dSen VR on Viveport
$20 Payware
Windows 3dSen VR on itch.io
$20 Payware


3dSen VR is primarily made for VR headsets. There is also an upcoming 3dSen PC version for people without VR headsets. That version will potentially be available for Linux and macOS. 3dSen has been in development since 2015 and was previously know as 3DNes VR, name was changed for release on commercial platforms.

Currently it is possible to use the VR version without a headset, although the UI design is optimized only for a VR experience with curved UI, gaze and laser beam control, only single player support, doesn't have the full screen mode, etc. All the testing was exclusively done in VR mode, so only VR mode issues will receive official support. To use it without a VR headset; use the mouse as the gaze control so you can interact with the UI normally using the controller button.


  • Full 3D Experience: real time lighting and shadows over voxel models combined with customized animations
  • Camera Rotation: rotate and change the viewing angle
  • Dynamic Skyboxes
  • Light Gun support: using motion controller as the NES Zapper for lightgun games
  • Normal and Motion Controllers
  • Save States


There is an official Setup Tutorial on YouTube and also a text FAQs page.

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